The nation's premier provider of policy management services in the public sector specializing in the field of education.| WOW!!! Thank you so much for making the changes we discussed so speedily. This tool is quickly becoming indispensable! You guys are magic.| We are hearing many, many good things from our constituents who are happily using your product. This is such a blessing!! It has significantly decreased the amount of time I spend researching laws and regulations, and having such ready access to the OSEP guidance letters has improved my work!| This is fantastic! Thank you and your entire team for all the great work you’ve done on this project. I really appreciate it and our members have already had positive comments on the new look and format. MicroScribe ROCKS!|Wonderful! Thank you!! As usual, your product is timely and great!

|~ Program Services|~ Policy and Program Services Unit, Calif. DoE|~ State Policy Services|~ Utah Special Education Coordinator
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The MicroScribe team includes successful and celebrated educators with backgrounds in school administration and special education from the elementary school level to the university level. The MicroScribe education expertise is complimented by a technical staff with professional experience in technology design, implementation, and support at all levels from individual schools to state agencies across the country from the east coast to Alaska.

Description of Service

The Special Education Reference™ featuring MicroScribe’s "Everything In One Place" technology is a totally customized, state-specific collection of information such as federal and state laws and regulations, curriculum, intervention, Medicaid, assessment and accountability, and much more all with a single point of access. The information can be rapidly and comprehensively searched with a single query across the entire information database from complex laws and regulations to simple agency memos with the results quickly displayed in an easy to navigate results "table of contents."

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